sábado, 25 de septiembre de 2010

SARAH A. KING " dibujo a mano y la letra"

SARAH A. KING es un ilustradora que vive y trabaja en Londres . Sus obras se componen de una profusión de notas superpuestas dibuja con la mano. El uso de la tipografía tiene mucho movimiento en sus ilustraciones y se necesita tiempo para entender todas las sutilezas .

 The First Machine Gun

Animation inspired by the mechanics of the first machine gun, invented in 1865.

                                       Illustration for Howies

The World Is Not A Sphere 

Animation inspired by the mechanics of the first machine gun, invented in 1865.


Critically Endangered110/70cm Illustration looking at the overwhelming effects of people on the natural environment

The Launch of Explorer I

An animation to commemorate Explorer I, the first american satellite to be launched into orbit in 1958


First piece of work for SFMOMA, a series of typographic maps applied to products in the museum shop 


                                                'Arcadia and Albion', illustration for  The idler         
                           Poster for Foyles bookshop, promoting 'Antigona And Me' by Kate Clanchy

                        Illustrations for the Carla Bruni Sarkozy Foundation, with Red Design

   If l could   do anything tomorrow, this is what I would do

                                                       Men and Machines, Dazed and Confused


                                                      Design for Balls To Bullfighting campaign

                                                     Illustrated Fruit for Graphic: Issue 12, Customise

                                                            Portrait of Charles Darwin                                                       

                                                             For New Statesman Magazine

                               Poster proposal for the University of Brighton Innovation Awards

                                               Illustrated plate, personal project. more coming soon.

                                                                          A banner for NoBrow

                                                          Michael Horovitz for Dazed And Confused

                                                                     Tom 'Black Jack' Ketchum

                                               Hand illustrated skateboard for the exhibition 'Decked'

                                                        Key trends in 2009 for Research World





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